Answers to 1 - 6 are here.


1. If the universe had been created by a supernatural being, we would see order and organization everywhere. And we do see order, not randomness -- so it's clear that the universe had a creator.


2. Either we take decisive military action against Iraq, or we will one day be attacked with chemical and biological weapons in the U.S.


3. The bicycle is made entirely of low mass components, and is therefore very lightweight.


4. Princeton graduates score much higher on the GREs than do graduates from Duke. Mike is from Princeton, so it's obvious that he'll do better than Sarrah on the GREs, since she is from Duke.


5. Interviewer: "Your resume looks impressive but I need another reference."

Bill: "Jill can give me a good reference."

Interviewer: "Good. But how do I know that Jill is trustworthy?"

Bill: "Certainly. I can vouch for her."



6. The professor said that if we didn't do the homework, we would not pass. I did all the homework, and so I should have passed. But she still gave me an F. So I'm going to complain to the dean.