Solutions to 1 - 8 below are here.


1. The state government is considering passing a law that will make it illegal to smoke in any public buildings. This is outrageous. What's next? Telling us what we can and can't wear?


2. Literacy rates have steadily declined since the advent of television. Clearly television viewing impedes learning.


3. Government is like business, so just as business must be sensitive primarily to the bottom line, so also must government.


4. Of course magic works. I had this really bad wart once, and I went to a witcch who told me to rub it with a potato and then bury the potato, and after the potato rotted, the wart would vanish. And sure enough, she was right.


5. If we allow the Government to require the registration of hand guns, then the logical thing to do will be to regulate hunting rifles. Then there will be a push to outlaw all guns. Then only criminals will have guns. For our own self-defense, we must oppose all hand gun regulation.


6. My dance teacher told us that biotech companies are dangerous to the environment, and that we should portest them. So I'm going to go to the protest rally tomorrow.


7. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. As you can see, the prosecution did not prove that my client is guilty. So you must return a verdict of 'Not guilty."


8. Dude, Nintendo games suck. I was playing Vigilante 8 II with this friend of mine, and it was horrible. Playstation games are much better.