Solutions to these fallacies are here.


1. In a recent editorial, The Guardian has accused us at The Koala of being offensive. Ironically, on the page oppoosite this editorial was a cartoon featuring racial stereotypes. The Guardian is hypocritical.


2. Perhaps you guys should give Betty a Pass for the course, even though she didn't earn enough points. After all, her fiancee dumped her, and if she doesn't pass, she might quit school.


3. Ruffles: America's favorite chip. (advertisement)


4. I realize that the administration wants to expand law-enforcement powers, including revising wire-tapping laws, in order to combat terrorism. But these are the same ideas that were used by the Nazis in the 30s. So clearly we should not adopt them.


5. I realize that the ACLU has argued that expanding law-enforcement powers is not a good idea. But just because the ACLU thinks that we should let anyone who wants to kill people and blow up buildings doesn't mean it is a good idea. How can the ACLU defend that kind of behavior?


6. My manager told me that you are going to publish a list of the best albums of 2001. I hope you reach the conclusion that my album deserves to be on your list. By the way, did I mention that your editor is a golfing buddy of mine? If she were to learn that you give people unauthorized access to the newspaper's computer system, she might to a little investigating, which could lead to you getting fired.