Translating Single Statements


Translate each statement into formal notation. This will involve first, identifying the simple statements and assigning a letter to each; and second, putting th esimple ststements together in the right way with statement operators and grouping symbols.



1. If you can't stand the heat, then you should get out of the kitchen. [solution]


2. Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there. [solution]


3. Mike is small, but Tim is slow. [solution]


4. It is necessary for the post office to deliver a letter that the letter have proper postage. [solution]


5. If Kant is right then if transcendental idealism is correct, then both humans have free will and the universe is causally determined. [solution]


6. Neither Nike nor Exxon has a spotless public relations record. [solution]


7. The world isn't flat, nor is the world a perfect sphere. [solution]


8. Karen will go to the gym unless Mary and Ann want to party. [solution]


9. It's not true that neither Gertrude nor I can knit. [solution]


10. Unless something has changed, even if you turn that key the car won't start. [solution]


11. If that pen doesn't leak or the ink is not permanent, then your shirt is safe. [solution]


12. I will buy a new car and a new suit only if neither my bank account is empty nor my stocks have lost value. [solution]


13. Either both the recording industry and the publishing industry provide useful servives, or both Napster and web-publishing should be given legal latitude. [solution]


14. If it is necessary for one to get a car loan that one have good credit, then it is sufficient for one to have good credit that one get a car loan. [solution]


15. Only if both the state department and the joint chiefs of staff advise military action will the President order the armed forces into action. [solution]