Online Materials for
Philosophy 10: Introduction to Logic

This page is for access to online logic materials.

If Rick Grush is teaching this course, the class syllabus can be found on the list here.

If anyone else is teaching it, they will announce in class if they have an online syllabus, and where it is if there is one.




Translating Single Statements
Translating Passages

Truth Tables

Truth Tables for Single Statements
Truth Tables Comparing Statements
Truth Tables for Arguments


Proofs Using Only Inference Rules
Proofs Using Replacement and Inference Rules
Proofs Using Indirect and Conditional Proof
Proofs of Tautologies

Additional Proofs as on PS04
Additional Proofs as on PS05
Addiitonal Proofs as on PS06

Informal Fallacies

Fallacies of Relevance
Fallacies of Weak Induction
Other Fallacies



The online materials accessed via this page are designed to compliment lecture and other materials used in Philosophy 10, Introduction to Logic, and especially the text Basic Sentential Logic and Informal Fallacies, by Rick Grush (though they should be of use regardless of the text used). The construction of this page and the contents acccessed through it were made possible in large part through a generous grant from the UCSD Intructional Improvement Program (IIP). Thanks to Dave Miller for his help in this regard. The coding and construction was done by Rick Grush and P.D. Magnus. The content was created by Rick Grush. Students should be aware that in large part because of these materials and the grant through IIP, materials for Philosophy 10 no longer cost about $79.00 per student, but are about $30.00 per student. IIP and Dave Miller get a chunk of the thanks for the $49.00 you saved this quarter.