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Psychology 179

Drugs Addiction and Mental Disorders


Psychology 188

Impulse Control Disorders

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George F. Koob, Ph.D.
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General Class Information

Lecture Notes from previous years may be available. However, we do not ensure their accuracy. You will be tested on material presented in class this quarter.

For exams, please bring to class a #2 pencil and the 8.5"x11" pink scantron (Form No. F-1712-PAR-L), which is the only scantron of this color and size.

Grades may be posted on this site, although this may vary by class. Exams will be available in 1503 Mandler Hall, and Dr. Koob will have all scantrons.

Psychology 179 - Drugs, Addictions, and Mental Disorders      FALL - 2010

Midterm Grades PDF / Final Grades PDF

Drug Survey Results

2010 TAs


Handout --> To print your handout correctly, make sure to scale to fit paper


Additional Handouts: Addiction Cycle Slides; Rat Behavior on Amphetamine Slide; Schizophrenia Handout, U.S. Drug Schedule slides, Tables and Quote slides from lectures 2008, Schizophrenia Slides 2009 (.pdf), Opioid Withdrawal, Alcohol, Caffeine,

Case Histories: Cocaine; Opioids; Alcohol; Caffeine; Marijuana; LSD; Mood; Schizophrenia; ADHD

Drug Tables: Stimulants; Nicotine; Opioids; Alcohol; Caffeine; Marijuana; LSD; Anxiety; More Anxiety Tables; ADHD; OTC

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Psychology 188 - Impulse Control Disorders

Winter 2010- All documents are pdf files, use Adobe Reader to download


Course Reader

TA's Winter 2010

Dr Meloy's website:

Required Readings: "Losing Control", Predatory Violence
Optional Readings: "The Sexual Addiction", "Atypical Case Studies", "Handbook of Self-Regulation" Roy F. Baumeister, Kathleen D. Vohs, 2004.

Case Histories:  Alcohol,

Selected Slides: Addiction, Alcohol, Nicotine, Gambling, Compulsive Shopping, Allostasis, Self-Regulation Terms, Opponent Process & Allostasis, Cultivating Self Regulation, ADHD, Central Inhibition (NEW), Brain Mechanisms, Definition of Addiction, Compulsive Sex, Compulsive Eating, Compulsive Exercise, Personality Disorders, Computer Addiction, Brain Mechanisms,

Practice Exam Questions

Midterm Grades

Final Grades

Final Exam Scores

For Grades: If you signed the waiver, test packets are in 1503 Mandler Hall.

Extra Credit

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